What positions can we offer?

The company is a global outsourcing company offering a variety of customer service and technical support positions. Some of the positions we offer include customer service representatives, technical support agents, sales representatives and quality control specialists. In addition, the company can offer positions in various industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and retail.

In detail:
Telephone customer service is a department of the company that focuses on serving customers. This can be by phone, email, live chat. Customer Service is responsible for effectively resolving customer inquiries, complaints and support concerns and ensuring that customers are satisfied with the Company’s service and product.
Customer service is also responsible for creating customer records and managing CRM systems. Successful customer service requires well-trained employees with good communication skills, patience and empathy to help customers and maintain a positive relationship with the company.

On the other hand, telephone technical support is a department that focuses on assisting customers related to technical issues. Inquiries and complaints are handled by telephone.
Technical support staff must have expertise to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. For example, they may provide assistance with setting up and using software or electronic devices.
They often need to explain complex technical information in an easy-to-understand way to ensure customers can successfully use their products and services.

The success of telephone technical support also depends on the quick response time to customer calls and the ability to find knowledgeable solutions.