We strongly believe in what we say and therefore it is without any hesitation that we can reassure you that you get what we promise. 

It is crucial for us to have an open and honest talk with you, where we can make sure that you have the correct expectations. 

When it comes to work there are of course some topics where it is more than crucial to get a precise and concrete answer to your questions.. 

We strive to give your a clear picture about:

  • Salary
  • Cultural expectations and etiquette
  • Living standards
  • Nature of the work position
  • Living abroad

In order to give you a clear picture about these topics, we are more than glad to advise you by phone, or email. Besides the above mentioned topics we can of course give you insight , address any concerns and answer questions about any other topic you would like to have a thorough talk with.

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Short weekend getaways!

In order to give you the correct expectations about the work, the salary and the life standards, we rely on our own longstanding experience in this work sector. Our Team has gained expertise during working abroad for several years and are ready to infiltrate this experience (also through our free mentorship programme) in order to ensure that you will have a smooth transition and a worthwhile stay abroad.

We are looking forward to have you onboard!