We can offer you a work positions in international companies situated in Southern Europe. We are also expanding our services to offer job positions in the the rest of Europe

Currently we can offer you job positions in Greece’s two largest cities Athens and Thessaloniki. 

You can work within the following sectors: 

  • IT / Technical Support
  • Customer Care
  • Gaming Support
  • Streaming Support
  • Content Editor

Within the above mentioned sectors you have the opportunity to work for some of the biggest companies in the world.

The experience and knowledge that you can gain during your stay in Greece is priceless in many ways

The workplace is multinational, and you will have the chance to meet people from many different countries. You will therefore have the chance to develop your social skills and strengthen your understanding for other cultures.

Agistri island will be just one hour from your workplace.

On a personal level the multinational perspective means, that your everyday life will be interesting given the opportunity to extend your network and have friends from many different countries. It is important to mention that you will also join a vibrant team of your own countrymen, so your direct close colleagues will be people from your own country.

In details :Your will work 5 times a week, with 8 hours of work per day and you have a long lunch break of 45 minutes. The break is long enough to have a good lunch at a local restaurant. 

The salary is higher than the average salary in Greece, which means that you will have the chance to enjoy a good lifestyle. How people choose to live is of course an individual matter of taste. Social circumstances in Southern Europe allow you to eat out in different restaurants every other day or have food delivered directly to your door, or indulge in experiences such as short getaways every weekend. What you prefer is totally up to you. 
You also have the chance to additionally earn 250 euros in bonus every month. You can easily earn the bonus every single month simply by receiving positive feedback from the customers that you will speaking with. Our experience has proven that ambitious Candidates easily earn this extra bonus, so to a large extend it is up to you to gain a more attractive salary every month. 

You should always have time to enjoy your life in your spare time.

Furthermore it is crucial to mention, that you as a part of your contract you will receive 14 salaries per year, one each month and the last two salaries are divided in Christmas bonus, summer bonus and Easter bonus. For Christmas you will receive an allowance of full monthly salary while for Easter you will receive an allowance (of your half monthly salary) and the same is in place for summer holidays.

The company will also provide you with a relocation package and will pay for your flight to Greece and your stay at the hotel during the first two weeks.
During the two weeks stay at the hotel, you would need to find an apartment but the company will also help you with finding an apartment that will match your needs. 

Don’t forget that we currently run a mentorship programme to assist you in any way we can during your stay. 

We have a extensive experience ourselves as support agents, and what we will advise you is not based on what we believe but what we solidly know. 

In case you have more questions about the job, don’t hesitate with contacting us.