Many people during their life decide to live abroad for a specific period, and besides the good weather there are also many other advantages to experience when living abroad. 

Some of the strongest reasons for going abroad are:

  • International experience
  • Stronger CV
  • Better confidence 
  • Personal development
  • New network
  • Experience for life 

In order to give meaning to these bullet points please let us clarify each advantage that is mentioned here.

International experience is something that many companies are looking for in a CV. It is no secret that International trading is growing everyday in the realms of Globalization which makes international experience important. Many people are studying international relations etc., but the real experience that one will get when going abroad is the alpha and the omega, if you wish to have a career on the international stage. You will learn to co-operate in a workplace culturally enriched with people from other countries.

A stay abroad will make your CV very interesting.

This experience does eventually also lead you to a stronger CV. We have talked about some of the advantages of the international experience, but sit back for a moment and imagine a scenario where you are applying for a job in the future. When you apply for a job, it is also important to have something that could be interesting for a successful candidacy . An experience from abroad will always stand out in a CV and does deserve to be highlighted. 

Managing to live and work abroad will for the most people also boost the confidence. You can take an example from the world of sports, if you manage to win away from home, then you will most likely also manage to get a win at home. It is exactly the same logic you can follow in the case of a work experience abroad. If you can manage to do well abroad then just think what you can achieve at home! Confidence is the key to success and the extra boost of confidence is a valuable gain from going abroad. 

Going abroad makes it easier dining at the beach.

Stronger confidence is also a crucial part of personal development. So far we have focused on the professional benefits of going abroad, but it is also worth mentioning that you also will develop as a person. You will learn to be around a different culture in your spare time, and you will experience how the people in the Southern European Countries are living and how they for example celebrate Easter, Christmas. You will also get to know how it is to be living in a place where the normal weekend activity for is a trip to the beach for 5 month a year. Experiencing a different culture and seeing a different way of doing things, will eventually also challenge your perception on things and will therefore also gradually lead to personal development.

Both at work and in your spare time, you have the chance to develop a new network, with people from all over the world. The workplace is multinational which means that it is all up to you to decide how far your curiosity towards meeting new people goes. Many people have during their stay abroad developed new good solid friendships.

In our opinion all these things sum up what you can benefit by taking a job abroad, and we do therefore really believe that this experience can work as an experience for life.