When you secure a job position through us, you become a part of the Jobsun family. We won’t just say goodbye to our Candidates from the moment they will get hired. You can therefore use our free mentoring service for the whole of your stay in Greece.

We know that going abroad to live in a foreign country can be a challenge in the beginning, and all our team has experience from living abroad.
We have experience from exactly the same job that we can provide you, and maybe even more importantly we know Greece better than our own backyard
It is especially in the beginning that you might have questions about your new life experience abroad, and we have seen that people have a lot of questions in a number of different topics.

We can guide you towards a nice lifestyle.

We can provide you mentoring with the following topics:

  • Spare time activities
  • Holiday options
  • Practical everyday tasks
  • Knowledge about the Greek Law/Government system
  • Weekend short Trips
  • Where to stay
  • Inside info about the culture
  • Good bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Questions about the training and the work placement

These are the most popular topics that most of our Candidates need help with help in the first stages of their relocation, but in case you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask

For us it is very important that you don’t feel alone in this new interesting chapter, and we wouldn’t want you to hesitate in any way to contact us with a any questions you might have. 

We do of course also have Greek speakers in our Team, so if you for example have a question about your first house bills for example, then we are more than happy to advise and guide you in any possible way. 

How to contact us for the mentoring service?

If for any reason you contact us and we are not available after office hours, you are always welcome to send us an e-mail and then we will set up a time for a meeting to discuss about any questions you might have. 

Please remember there are no silly questions.