One of the first questions that we always ask ourselves before applying for a job is, if we are the type that they are looking for. 

If you believe you have two or more of the following characteristics then you should consider to  apply for a position.

  • Social
  • IT-skills
  • Good on the phone
  • Eager to learn
  • Good colleague 
  • Responsible
  • Strong written language
  • Good working ethics

First and foremost we are offering jobs in different sectors which is why we don’t expect you to have all the above mentioned characteristics.

Our belief is that behind every success you find hard work, while the talent comes in on the second place. Therefore we believe that if you are responsible and eager to learn, combined with one of the other characteristics mentioned above, then you are the type of person that we are looking for. Your personal unique skills are also deciding which type of position would be relevant for you.

But let’s bring you an example of what we can offer you based on your skills. If you for example are having strong IT-skills then we could find a position for you within the sector of IT-Support where you will have the chance to prove your skills and get some relevant experience. When working with IT-Support your duty will be to assist customers that are having challenges with their computer or mobile device. The level of difficulty of each case is not stagnant and there are sometimes hard cases while other cases are very simple. 

Which line you will support, chat or phone, depends much on how much you would characterize yourself strong in the written language or good on the phone. When that is said it is important for us to underline that the majority of the support positions are related to positions where you will be on the phone.

We don’t only need people with strong IT-skills.

There are also positions that aren’t related to IT-Support, which for example could be a job at one of the leading social medias as a content editor. This is for example a position where you wouldn’t have any kind of customer contact, but instead you are working on different cases, solving issues that are reported by the users of the social media.

We believe that we all have unique talents and strengths, that all are relevant if just the right position is found. Therefore you are more than welcome to tell us about your strengths


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