Jobsun was established in Denmark and is a company run by a team of experts who have first class experience in the field of working and living abroad. In addition, our Mentors have solid experience with recruitment which means that we are more than able to provide our candidates with a clear view of what they can expect from the job positions that we offer.

In short what we can assist you to achieve is: 

  • Work experience abroad
  • Stronger and more attractive CV
  • Personal development
  • Unique experiences

Before we explain how we can assist you with achieving everything mentioned here above, we would like to underline that we value honesty above anything else. We respect and listen to the people that come in contact with us, and we therefore speak from our heart and experience. What you will hear us say is something that we really know for a fact as ourselves have extensive work experience at the available job positions that we offer to our successful candidates. This is our way to assure, that we can deliver the correct expectations to our candidates.

One of our tasks is to make places like these a part of your life.

The job positions we can provide you is related to work experience abroad which takes place in a multinational environment. With such an experience you have the unique opportunity to strengthen your CV and enriching your life experience making you more confident of what you can achieve in the work-front . International trade and Globalization makes people with international experience more attractive for most job positions.

When it comes to the personal development there is no doubt that working and staying abroad is an endeavoring challenge in many ways. The most important is that you learn to engage culturally and live a life in a new country. As mentioned before, we can offer work positions in a multinational company where you will have the chance to co-operate and meet people from all over the world.

It is also crucial to get unique experiences that you will remember for life. Whilst living in Greece you will have the chance to experience how it is to live with a 4 -5 month long summer, and in general how it is to be living in a more relaxed way of life.
You will also have many good options when it comes to Mediterranean food, nightlife, sport events, trips and cultural experiences. 
Most importantly , we can be your mentor during your stay in Greece. In cases of doubt you will always be more than welcome to contact us and share your questions and any inquiries about your new work and new life. Our team has gone through exactly the same process and we are ready to share our own personal experience with you. We can therefore guide you through any concerns that you might have during your stay.